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You are my once upon a time. - S

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'A' accusations.

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2x12 // 5x12

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First and last words

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???? Explain the logic

  • 4B: Ezria fall apart.
  • 501-504: Not together, slowly talking again.
  • 505: Aria and Ezra have sex
  • 506: "That was a mistake" - Aria
  • 507-509: No scenes
  • 510: Aria and Ezra fight, Aria doesn't know if she can trust him again
  • 511: No scenes
  • 512: "There was a mini time jump, they are back together now" - MK
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”You are my once upon a time.”

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I´m sorry, but could you lie to that face?


Did her parents really think the name Alison Lauren Dilaurentis was a good idea?

Alison Lauren Dilaurentis

Alison Lauren Dilaurentis

Alison Lauren Dilaurentis

Lauren Lauren. It is like the liar’s equivalent to Moon Moon.

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